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Why are high quality press release backlinks good for SEO

Press releases and a PR campaign can be an excellent source for backlinks and gaining exposure for your business. Backlinks represent a major ranking factor for search algorithms as gathering high-authority links will significantly boost your trust and authority amongst search engines. If you release a new exciting product and a journalist picks it up, you have an amazing opportunity to drive eyeballs to your website and gather high-authority backlinks.

If you want to leverage the power of a press release to enhance your website’s SEO, better to do it the right way! Let us walk you through some of the best practices for press release link building and start taking advantage of this marketing tool!

Press releases is a powerful tool for gaining high quality press release backlinks from credible sites. The press release backlinks acquired from real websites are greatly favored by search engines and beneficial to the website’s SEO. However, if they are not executed in a correct way, there might be penalties from search engines which leads to blacklisting of keywords.

It is the quality rather than the quantity that matters! The objective of distributing g a press release is to announce factual information about the business to the target audience. The first priority should not be obtaining SEO backlinks, press release link building is just a bonus. When the article is well-written, SEO and other benefits will naturally follow. Your press release copy should be focusing on the actual target audience instead of the search engines. Try to include some captivating headlines in the article and get the user to continue reading the full news release. The press release will be more engaging when multimedia is included in the content.

For a long time, press releases were used primarily to get the attention of local media. However, today press releases can be used to incorporate an effective SEO strategy as well by earning high quality backlinks. Backlinks drive more traffic to your site and send positive signals to search engines about the quality of your content, which help your site get ranked higher overall.

high quality press release backlinks

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