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Organic traffic increased by 72k/month with our link building campaign

The client https://www.fireandemergency.nz/ is one of the leading fire emergency companies in NZ  (more than ten years in the market). It provides fire emergency services for homes in the NZ markets.

About the project:

Project name: fireandemergency.nz/

Industry: fire emergencies

Website: https://www.fireandemergency.nz/

Country:  NZ

The problem:

The main objective of the campaign was to secure a steady flow of organic traffic for the key keywords associated with fire emergency, thereby lowering the expenses of an excessively expensive PPC campaign.

It is worth noting that the exorbitant costs of the original PPC campaign were not due to inadequate PPC providers, but rather due to the high costs of clicks in the niche.

The solution:

High Quality Authority Link-Building.

The process:

As for the strategy for this link-building campaign, we set a goal to reach out to as more as possible niche-relevant websites, blogs and forums. But our set-in-stone rule is to start with competitors analysis.

  1. Keyword Analysis

This step is a must. We do not go further without it.

With results of our deep analysis we guarantee you success – in other words, big numbers of increase in traffic and domain authority.

Many link building service providers who just sell the insertions do not do it for you – thus there is no guarantee that the link won’t damage your website’s SEO.

Arguably the most important aspect, we begun our SEO campaign by researching thoroughly into various different types of keywords to target. We used a number of different tools to explore short term and long term keyword opportunities which would allow us increase the total search visibility across the board.

Whilst looking at the ‘fire alarm New Zealand’ based keywords, we considered: the monthly search volume, the current ranking position, the competitiveness of the keyword and more.

Once the keywords were established, we used our specialist tracking software to monitor our progression. Sounds easy, but it’s actually really complicated process that takes us a week or even more.

  1. Filtering the best backlinks from our resources

After in-depth analysis, we continue with using a huge list of prospect websites to place the backlinks on.

Our resources could contain up to 5 000 websites – we sort them by DA, PA, CF TF, niche relevancy, traffic per month, and even web-design parameters.

That’s why we spend weeks manually choosing sites to place the backlinks on.

  1. Link Building Implementation
  • DA 40+
  • 200 Backlinks/month
  • Very high quality backlinks
  • Contextual backlinks
  • No spam, No PBN
  • Time of link building: 6 months at the first stage and 12 months extension

The Results:

Simple maths allows us to see the actual results in numbers.

We can see that, with the help of 18 months of our link building campaign, Organic traffic increased by over 72k and almost 30k ranked keywords.

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