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Malaysian online kitchenware retailer sees remarkable traffic from Zero

Alatdapur.com.my – A top website of kitchen appliences and houseware in Malaysia wanted to rank on top of organic search in houseware industry.

About the project:

Project name: alatdapur

Industry: houseware

Website: https://www.alatdapur.com.my/

Country: Malaysia

The problem:

The challenge was to rank high enough for its target keywords in houseware industry. The site was optimized to rank at least on the first page of SERPs but needed to build white hat backlinks to achieve its true potential.

And the team trusted building high-authority links to Qualitybaclink.net. Let’s now look at the process and results in detail.

The solution:

The solution was to secure white hat backlinks every month that adhered to Google’s TOS on a consistent basis.

We had to ramp up its off-page campaign by acquiring natural backlinks.

The process:

We used our usual methods for building high-authority links.

In short, it contains the following steps:

  1. Keyword Analysis

At Qualitybaclink.net, we always start any process by researching keywords

We do the following:

  • analyze keywords
  • choose keywords to target
  • link building strategies for targeted keywords

After much research and deliberation, to start we decided to target ‘medium tail’ length keywords with high purchasing intent, with fairly high search volumes, and to leave the most difficult and competitive phrases for the time being.

  1. Link Building Process
  • DA 40+
  • 200 Backlinks/month
  • Very high quality backlinks
  • Contextual backlinks
  • No spam, No PBN
  • Time of link building: 6 months at the first stage and 24 months extension


The results:

Overall, we were able to manage and secure 200 backlinks from influential and relevant sites.

The site was able to grow its remarkable traffic from Zero in Jan 2020 to 4k in Aug 2021 and  9k in Feb 2023, an impressive organic traffic increase.

Many keywords were able to outperform the client’s competitors on SERPs.

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