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US Online cloud storage provider magnetizes 3X organic traffic

https://www.cloudbolt.io ; Our client is an online cloud storage provider that enables businesses and individuals to securely store, access and protect their important data.

They offer a range of services, including secure online backup, file sharing and synchronization, file versioning, archiving, etc.

About the project:

Project name: cloudbolt

Industry: IT

Website: https://www.cloudbolt.io

Country:  USA

The problem:

Our client’s niche is high-competitive as there are giants such as Microsoft, Dropbox, and Office 365.

We agreed on the following plan: we are not going to outperform these tech-titans as it’s almost impossible to do in 3 months time span, but to rank on the first page and to be as closer to 1-5 positions in SERP as possible.

Our main tasks were:

  1. Get to the first search engine results page.
  2. Increase organic traffic
  3. Rank by the list of organic keywords we’ve collected for our customer.

The solution:

High quality backlink building campaign

The process

  1. Keyword Analysis

This step – is the rule that is set in stone.

Proper keyword research is one of the most important parts of SEO. There are no doubts about it. It is essential to understand which keywords are the most relevant for website and what strategies we should pursue in order to optimize them. This is especially true in competitive niches like health and fitness.

In the early stages of growing the website, we have to identify keywords for which our client’s site can realistically rank. There is no point in aiming for the most popular keywords with the highest volume if client’s website doesn’t have enough authority to rank for them.

Therefore it’s important to find the right balance between keyword difficulty and volume. This will allow website to get organic search traffic while building up the authority of website.

  1. Filtering the best backlinks from our resources

After in-depth analysis, we continue with using a huge list of prospect websites to place the backlinks on.

Our resources could contain up to 5 000 websites – we sort them by DA, PA, CF TF, niche relevancy, traffic per month, and even web-design parameters.

That’s why we spend weeks manually choosing sites to place the backlinks on.

  1. Link Building Process
  • DA 40+
  • 200 Backlinks/month
  • Very high quality backlinks
  • Contextual backlinks
  • No spam, No PBN
  • Time of link building: 6 months at the first stage and 24 months extension


The Results:

cloudbolt.io 1

cloudbolt.io 2

cloudbolt.io 3

cloudbolt.io 4

cloudbolt.io 5


cloudbolt.io 6