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The reason why you should buy press release backlinks

Backlinks from NEWS sites have always played a major role in helping search engines decide how high or low sites rank and what they rank for. Because the whole web only works as long as it is interconnected (interlinked), backlinks will always play an important part in Google’s search algorithm.

Backlinks are the core element of ranking a website. That does not negate the important of other factors such as on-site optimisation but for any competitive term you need backlinks. They are the Google voting system.

Keep in mind some backlinks are better than others. When figuring out how to get more backlinks, make sure that you are focusing on getting links from places that make sense. A recent study by Moz suggested that sites that have more links from “news” sites get more search traffic.

press release backlinks

So, the question is: should you buy backlinks from press release sites?

The answer is Yes, you should buy backlinks..!!

We will explain you the reason why you should buy backlinks.

The first thing: just focus on your competitors and check their backlinks, then you got surprised: many of them bought backlinks from high DA PA press release sites, that pushes their keyword rankings up to the top of Google

The second thing  it’s very hard to get free quality backlinks. Who can give you high quality backlinks? No one can do that for you. Therefore, the best way in the long run is buying quality backinks from news sites and own them forever.

So please focus on only high quality backlinks and choose a reliable provider to help your keywords get on the top of Google

Buying backlinks is not a crime, buying backlinks is not the wrong way, but it should be confidential. We are the one who provides safest backlinks in the world. We offer you 100% natural backlinks

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However, if you are looking for easy ways to buy backlinks for your website or niche site, we would recommend you to choose the right seller.

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We commit to offer high quality news site backlinks. They have the following features:

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