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Special tips to increase traffic for your website

The best way to boost visit from organic traffic is to increase the number of pages on your website that can rank for your important keyword terms. Look at where you can add new category pages, new blog posts, or new pieces of attractive content (visuals, quizzes, etc) to target specific keywords.

Optimize Old Content

Because you are tracking your keyword rankings (you are, right? If you’re not, use SEMrush, you can find the keywords that you rank near the bottom of the first page and go add useful content to those pages to help them rank better. Google also prefers updated and new content over old stale content.

Speed up your website

A fast site not only converts better, but on a big site you will also get more organic traffic because the search engines are able to crawl your site faster and find more content. Start with switching hosts then optimizing your code, all while making sure you are using aggressive caching and a content delivery network (CDN).

Do new keyword research

If you’re really struggling to increase traffic to your site, go do new keyword research to get new content ideas, then go back to point 1 above and create new content!

Target the longtail of keywords for SEO

If you don’t have a very strong website, you can target longer tail keywords (<50 searches a month) which are often much easier to rank for. From this you can start building up a base of content that you can then use to earn links and propel rankings for more competitive terms.

increase traffic


Advertising is perhaps one of the most obvious options that an entrepreneur will first consider. Social media advertising, paid search, and display advertising are all great ways to attract visitors, build your brand, and get your website in front of people, so  where possible, marketers should set aside a budget for advertising. However, it is perhaps best to first think about the goal of having an advertisement campaign. Is it traffic just for the sake of traffic or is the business looking for a way to grow and increase revenue?

Display ads

Another simple form of advertising is display ads. These ads rely on banners or other such similar assets that are clickable, on a different site. Website owners should look for opportunities to display their ads on sites that have high traffic.

Create videos for YouTube

If you can create videos in a cost-effective manner, YouTube is a great distribution platform. It takes time to build the channel but has a huge audience if done well.

Run YouTube Ads

Can’t create videos, but there are videos on YouTube that your target audience watches? You can run YouTube videos.

PPC (Pay per Click)

Pay per Click (PPC) are best used in conversion-oriented keywords. Also, PPC is great for getting a new audience because it is ready to convert as well.

Launch New Products

Another excellent way to attract new users to your website or company is by launching new products that will meet people’s  needs or solve a problem.

Launch Infographics

If you have a designer in your company or can find one online, create useful graphics that tell a story and help people see your content in a new way. Do outreach for links, promote on Pinterest, etc.

Launch New Products

A great way to attract new users to your company or website is to launch products that meet their needs. The great part is that you can often charge for these as well and make money will getting new users into your full conversion funnel.

Give Podcast Interviews

Podcasting is HUGE these days, and one of the best ways to grow a podcast audience is to invite influential people onto your podcast. Think about it like audio version guest posts. So, get one or two podcasts under your belt (or launch your own) then start targeting podcast producers to get onto their shows.

Write Guest Posts

By writing for sites that are in the same niche as your business, you can drive traffic to your site on the back of these other sites. If the site has the same audience as your business, it can help in attracting a new audience for your website. Also create content that can help your site build traffic while getting full access to their audience.

ways to Increase website traffic

Include links to other relevant posts on the blog

When writing a post, writers or marketers must mention or reference other websites or content that will be helpful to the readers. It is a great strategy for SEO. It will also increase time-on-site, referral traffic, and conversion rates.

Work with influencers

Website owners should work and engage with influencers. It is undeniable that influencers nowadays have great impact on the public. Find an influencer that is in the same niche as your business, nurture and  build a good relationship with this person and take advantage of that relationship for any possible future business dealings.

ways to Increase website traffic

Create a community

Business owners should create an online forum where their customers can engage with each other and talk about the products. Building an online community will allow your consumers come back and give their opinions about the brand and products, or just to generally keep a conversation going. However, keep in mind that creating an online forum is a strenuous long-term activity which is time-consuming.

Accept guest posts

As previously stated, guest posting is an excellent way to increase traffic. However, accepting guest posts can have the same effect as guest blogging. Some sites need and want links for easy access to customer and for SEO purposes. Accepting guest post is a win-win for both parties. It will promote the content, and there will also be engagement from the new audience.

Create and Sell Courses

What better way to show your expertise and get people reading all of your content than to teach what you already know? If you have a craft, create a course to teach it then sell it on places like Udemy while simultaneously selling it on your site from a page targeted towards a high volume keyword for SEO.

Create Pinterest boards

Pinterest is a super strong domain and your Pinterest boards can rank very well. Do your typical keyword research for your website, then take some of those keywords and target them on Pinterest. A pro tip is to use your other online resources (website, Instagram, etc) to get them indexed faster and ranking better.

Promote pins on Pinterest

In this day and age, it’s not just enough to create content and expect it to rank and drive traffic. Rankings are influenced by engagement stronger than ever before, so use some budget to promote pins on Pinterest to your target audience.


Especially in B2B spaces, partnerships can be gold for customer acquisition. Build out referral programs with complementary companies to yours and try to funnel some of their traffic back to your site, either through website mentions or even their email marketing.

Link acquisition

This feels like an old school tactic, but it’s still true that the more links you have to your site, the better your site will rank. So acquire links to your site from content, from relevant resource pages on other sites, and from outreach that you do.

Promote content via Outbrain/Taboola

Content promotion is so cheap these days that you’d be silly not to do it. I know people with content sites making literally thousands of dollars a day all from promoted content.

Create satellite websites

If your main website is around one niche yet you operate in many niches, you can build out websites specifically targeted at those other niches and use them to funnel traffic to your other sites. You need to disclose that you own those other sites, but this is a great way to spread the organic reach.

Target HackerNews/Reddit/relevant forums with content

If you can get content or a product to go hot on a site like Hacker News, Reddit, or ProductHunt you can literally get tens of thousands of visitors and often signups and sales. I (John) personally make over $70k from my site sitting on the first page of ProductHunt for a day, and I’ve seen Reddit drive tens of thousands of visits to sites.

Promote content on social

You might not know this, but your followers on social media (especially Facebook) don’t see all of the content you post. If you see a piece of content being successful and getting good exposure, either boost that post or promote it to your custom audiences that you’ve put together.

Let users subscribe to content

Some CMSs, like WordPress, will let people subscribe to replies to their comments that they leave on your content. You can also use a myriad of tools (like SumoMe) to capture email addresses to which you can send content when it publishes.


If you run a site that has products or things directly for sale, you could consider an affiliate program. While affiliate programs take management, they are also a great way to get others to talk about your products for free and you only pay if they buy something.


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