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What is manual backlink

Gooogle only accepts natural backlinks. Only natural and quality backlinks improve you keyword ranking. As Matt Cutts CEO Gooogle said, backlinks must be natural and manual backlinks are absolutely natural. In the other words, comment backlinks are understood as in terms of manual backlinks, and manual backlinks are natural backlinks as well. The definition of “Manual” is very simple.

The concept of “Natural” means your backlinks are accepted by Google. “Natural” doesn’t mean you do nothing and someone will bring quality backlinks to you. No no…Nobody has a free time to do it for you, unless he or she is insane.

So what kinds of backlink are accepted by Google? There are some kinds of them

  • Backlinks shared by someone, for example, he or she feel your site’s article awesome, he decides to share it to everyone for reading or talking about
  • Backlinks cited by someone, who wants to prove source as re-affirming one thing, he or she leaves a link below comment as an evidence to prove what he or she means.
  • Backlinks created by guest post

manual backlinks

Comment baclinks are a very efficient way to begin building natural backlinks. This can lead to very valuable backlinks for SEO.

Whether or not they are efficient for your SEO depends on how good backlinks are, posting relevant comments, and moving on. Based on my experience the way you could be improving your keyword ranking is when you own high quality backlinks, so you need to create comment backlinks on trusted quality sites

Manual backlinks are efficient for SEO? Of course, if quality of backlinks getting good enough ( I mean very high quality) will take your position on top of Google higher.


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