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We provide natural manual niche backlinks to boost rankings

Buying backlinks can – if done in the right way – yield a lot for your position within Google. Yet, it is always better to get well-deserved backlinks. Links that are used by other websites, simply because your page contains relevant information for their target group. This is how you arouse Google’s interest and how you can generate a lot more traffic. Getting natural backlinks starts with creating relevant and valuable content for your website. Then try to make this content visible to other companies within your niche and current target group. For example, share links to your website through social media, use email marketing and so on.

Assessing what makes a high-quality backlink is an essential part of building a valuable portfolio of backlinks that helps establish your website as authoritative in its own right.

Getting natural niche backlinks manually takes a lot of time, but there are things you can do yourself. Basically, anyone who has their website or profile on the internet can place a backlink to your page. So use your contacts with other entrepreneurs and bloggers or talk to friends, family, and colleagues to share your link. You can also place a backlink to your website on social media, for example. All relatively simple ways to get natural backlinks.

Generally, when people use the term “natural,” they’re referring to an editorially placed link you earn by publishing high-quality content on your website. Whether you acquired the link through outreach efforts or used link building services to place links on external websites, if your backlinks exhibit “natural” characteristics, they’re likely to carry more weight in your search ranking.

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So, what does “natural quality niche backlinks” look like?

A backlink from a site with a handful of outbound links is more natural than one from a site that indiscriminately doles out hundreds of links to other websites. By definition, a unique link is harder to earn (and more valuable) because not everybody gets one.

Link farms, private blog networks, and spammy directories are created solely to offer bulk backlinks without regard to their quality. Therefore, those links carry less weight in PageRank.

The algorithm assumes that pages that demonstrate more expertise are more highly trusted will receive more links from external websites.

There was a time when PageRank scores were available for all the world to see. Unfortunately, that transparency encouraged nefarious attempts to manipulate the metric, so Google responded by removing public-facing ranking metrics.

Google still applies PageRank to its overall evaluation of where to place a page in search results.

When I mention PageRank, I’m referring to a concept, not an absolute metric.

A quality backlink makes sense within the context of the rest of the page. Contextual relevance signals to search engines that the destination page offers information the reader’s interested in. Natural relevance to the surrounding copy also signals that the backlink has been earned, not purchased.

Buying and using these high-quality backlinks increases your own website’s DA score, giving search engines an indicator that you are a trusted source. This will result in your website ranking higher on SERP, in turn gaining more clicks to your website.

By ensuring that Google appreciates your content better, you will eventually obtain a better position in the search results. When trying to manipulate this search engine, you have to be cautious not to cause extra damage to your webpage.

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