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Top high DA PA social bookmarking backlinks for SEO

Social Bookmarking is one of the most popular Off-page SEO strategies. Social bookmarking brings about numerous benefits to your website and this will benefit all the primary and secondary benefits of social bookmarking.
You can get not just traffic but also you can promote your brand. Hence Social Bookmarks is also the proven way for digital marketing or SEO. This is the best way to spread your site and it will also help to increase your website ranking #1. Social bookmarking has a big SEO benefit to your website and it will rocket your SERP. I personally believe in Quality Backlinks rather than quantity backlinks.

Social bookmarking for link building involves users saving links to web pages that they want to keep for later or share. These bookmarks are made public on bookmarking sites, with groups, networks, or private domains and are categorised with tags. In the past, webmasters would list their sites on bookmarking social sites and would benefit from increased “viral” traffic.

social bookmarking backlinks

social bookmarking backlinks

Benefits of Social Bookmarking Sites

After performing On-Page SEO of your website, the next and important activity that you perform is off-page SEO. In off-page SEO, social bookmarking is a top activity that is used to add links to other domains and get quality backlinks. When you start your off-page SEO activities, you must start directory submission and social bookmarking submissions. Doing social bookmarking of your links will help your website gets indexed quickly, and this helps to rank your website for your target keywords.

The best way to market your website is by using dofollow social bookmarking sites, which will make it easier for users and audiences alike find you when they are looking up certain topics. Creating social bookmarks makes it easier for people and audiences alike, when they search topics related to what you create content about.

If one’s goal is maximizing his/her potential earnings while minimizing costs incurred from advertising expenditures, then increasing traffic would make sense because greater exposure increases revenue opportunities; and, this is what social bookmarking sites does. It increases traffic to your website.

After doing On-Page SEO of a website, one must focus on Off-page SEO. The first thing that comes to mind while starting an Off-page SEO campaign is social bookmarking websites. Social bookmarking is an easy way to build links with minimal effort.

Here are the three biggest advantages of using social bookmarking websites,

  • Passes Link Juice (if link is do follow)
  • Fast Linkbuilding with less effort
  • Most of social bookmarking sites are Free

In the below list, we have included many free social bookmarking websites which take less than 5 minutes to create a do-follow link. You can find thousands of bookmarking sites on the internet but there are only a few websites with high authority and which provides do follow link. You can find some of these useful social bookmarking websites in the below list.

FAQs About Social Bookmarking Backlinks

What is the use of social bookmarking sites?
Social bookmarking sites are useful in creating backlinks to a webpage. As we all know, backlinks are necessary to get a top position in Google. This is the use of bookmarking sites.

What is Social Bookmarking?
Social bookmarking is a fast & easy link building technique used by almost all SEO professionals. Social bookmarking allows users to share link of a webpage.

Why do we use Social Bookmarking Sites?
If you want to rank on Google, you will need links and there is no better way to build links than social bookmarking. This is the reason we use social bookmarking websites.

Does social bookmarking help in SEO?
Yes, social bookmarking helps in off page SEO. By social bookmarking, we can create high quality links which helps in improving a website’s rank on Google.

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