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How to create natural backlinks for SEO

Getting natural links from authoritative sites may seem like a difficult task, but if you are able to create content of the highest quality and maintain that quality throughout, most bloggers and websites would be happy to share your content as well as mention you in their content, thus providing you a natural link. This will help you enhance connection with users in the present market and increase the popularity of your website in the e-world. Natural link building practice can be adopted with the help of extensive experiment and experience. As with the other technologies, in natural link building also many old activities have become obsolete with time and many new ones have either evolved out of those or come out on their own.

The most challenging and time-consuming part of SEO is link building. This is especially true for small and medium-sized businesses. Backlinks are vital because they connect you to the world at large.  A strong backlink profile tells search engines that your site is legitimate, contains pertinent information, and is trusted by other websites. Without backlinks, your website is on an island alone.

natural backlinks

Getting natural links is the best way to gain trust, reliability and authority for your website. It is wrong to confuse organic link building with natural link building. Though many think getting natural backlinks is a tough job, it will be easy and a continuous activity, if you follow these 16 ways wisely.

Here are the examples of different places you can land a backlink. All these methods still require either money, hard work, or both, but investing the time in these areas will be very beneficial to your business. In addition to the SEO value, keep in mind many of these options have a lot more value than just a backlink – exposure, lead generation, networking, etc.

Get Natural Links from “Content”

Content is the main element of focus for natural backlinks. Create quality content that is unique and fresh. It should include rare and interesting information in a detailed and complete format, but that does not mean it should be always so lengthy that readers lose interest. Once the content is published on your blog and it starts ranking, traffic will start flowing to your page. If it’s a quality content, people will be eager to share the content to their websites and will give a backlink to your original post page. This is the most common and effective method of getting natural links.

Get Natural Links from “Content Re-sharing”

Re-sharing of external websites post is one more tactic of gaining a natural link. Your post on external website will include a link of your website. It can be an article or a news, which may be interesting for some other websites or news sites. If they find your content worthy of sharing, they will not only share the content but also provide a link shared by you. This is one more tactic of getting natural links through guest blogging.

Get Natural Links from “Spice Up Your Content”

How to create content that give natural backlinks? Controversial topics may interest the readers; but such topics that may lead to some legal consequences should be avoided. Choose a topic that people will be eager to know and talk about.

Get natural links from Unlinked Mentions

An unlinked mention is a mention of your brand without a link back to your website. Often journalists and content writers mention businesses without linking to them. If you can find mentions of your business, the likelihood of getting this converted into a link is very high because there is already a relationship or connection. Search Google for mentions of your business with no link using this search “your brand” –site:yoursite

Get natural backlinks from Guest Bloggers

A guest blog is when you write a blog for someone else. This benefits them with fresh content on their website and in return, they should link back to your website. Guest blogging is great because it is win-win, you get access to a new audience, and you start or enhance a relationship.

Get Natural Links from “Vlogging”

Vlogging, Vlogs or Video Logs are the latest trends. Video marketing is one of the greatest tool to get more views and shares. User engagement rate of videos are higher than any other forms of content. The more interesting the content is and the easier it is to understand, the more it will be shared. People will be eager to share your video on their blogs and give a natural backlink to you.

Get Natural Links from forums by “Find Something from Everything!”

Get the community talking. Think of an interesting topic, find influential bloggers and get them to talk about it. You can research and also look for budding communities to build relationships with other members. Then get the information together and send it to them as a real book. That should get you enough natural links in one go.

Get Natural Links from Directory Listing Service

In the early years of SEO, it was common to list your website with hundreds or even thousands of free directories. As the search engines have become more sophisticated, links from random websites have lost their effectiveness. However, there are still directories that are relevant for your industry and location. You can find them by searching terms related to your business and searching the search results for free directories or you can use a paid service.

Get Natural Links from Donate Money

The most rewarding way to generate a backlink is by sponsoring a local event or donating to a charity. Many charities have websites with listings of their sponsors. Charity websites tend to be very trusted and authoritative so having a link from them can be very beneficial.

Get Natural Links from “Events”

Apart from the content, initiate conversations on products related to your business, news affecting the overall industry, topics that may create an interest with the larger audience, etc. But, for this you need to build quality connections. You can take the support of: Events give exposure, which is highly essential for blogging and creating connections. Be it a conference, press event or live event; it is a good place to build a healthy relationship. This connection will be genuinely interested to give natural backlinks.

Get Natural Links from Review Bloggers

When you’re doing research for a large purchase, you may have come across a blog or review site comparing different services/products. Often these bloggers/reviewers are paid by the companies they review. Google’s quality guidelines state that webmasters should avoid “participating in link schemes” and “participating in affiliate programs without adding sufficient value.” So be careful if using this tactic.

Get Natural Links from “Infographics”

Infographic is a popular form of visual content where the information is well represented with the support of facts and graphics. It is an easy method to create interest in your content, thus increasing the chances of sharing it. You can put a CTR or call-to-action button or use HTML codes on your infographic, so that, once somebody tries to share your infographic, your original link will be copied and you will be get a natural backlink.

Get Natural Links from “Portfolio”

Publishing your earning reports can showcase your hard work and if you have done some outstanding work, many magazines would be interested in it. They may include it as an inspirational story or some website may consider it as an example in their article or present it as a case study. This is an innovative way to get natural backlink.

Get Natural Links from “Social Media”

Social media is also a good choice for natural backlinks but hard to get. Once you share your content on the social media platform with a link of the original post of your site, chances are more that people will like, comment and share it within the same platform. But, in case, they share the same content on some other website or on your blog, then you will easily get a natural link from it.


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