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Best tips of white hat link building ever

When referring to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) terminology, white hat SEO refers to techniques and tactics that focus on giving the human audience a good, relevant experience, rather than using tactics that trick search engines in an attempt to manipulate their rules and policies.

By focusing on people first, and search engines second users are better served.

The goal is to organically rank based on the quality and authority of your website. In making a long-term investment on your site, the results will pay off long term.  Want to stay on top of the SERPs?

In my experience, a really effective way to build high-quality, relevant white hat links is to create something new, something worth reporting as news.

The simplest way to do this is to create a survey within an industry and when you get the results, find an angle to focus on.

For example, I created a survey before about employee’s feelings about their bosses. The survey showed that female bosses were liked by 20% more people than male bosses (within the survey). The sample size was big enough to target sites with the headline.

When it comes to deciding what the content will be, think about current events. Not just in your industry but in popular culture. See if you can spin that to be about your target industry.

Google Forms is free, but it might cost you a little bit to get responses. Facebook promotion and mailing lists can help – especially if you offer a prize.

Many content creators focus too much on following the news and re-hashing it and not making news themselves.

Don’t focus all your efforts on guest blogging – giving your best content away is a terrible idea. Use it for your site and get people linking to you.

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A great method to secure backlinks is to find websites and blogs within your company’s niche.

Then through a process of outreach and content creation, you can often land a “guest post” backlink.

I suggest utilizing an online tool (like Ahrefs), where you can explore the backlink profiles of competitors, to look to see if they have any guest post content published, and if so, on what websites.

You can also simply perform a Google search for “your subject + guest blog,” and you will usually be able to find a few decent opportunities that way too.

Once you have your list of niche-specific websites/blogs compiled through competitor backlink research and Google searching, you may then begin the process of outreach, explaining your expertise and offering guest post content.

At some point during all of this, you should also be creating your niche-specific guest post content (I suggest using Ahrefs again to find valuable keywords which you can use as topics for your content). When your outreach starts to make connections, you will now have the ability to share your content, and hopefully get it published!”

People Link to Relevant Content

While not terribly exciting, the most scalable link building strategies are always built around content. So the best tip is to identify a question or problem in your industry that does not have a great answer. Or that has answers, but that need updating or that you can substantially improve upon. If you can do this, you have what we like to call a linkable asset.

With a strategic asset in place, you can then use various strategies to promote this asset and build powerful, editorial links. Tactics here include:

– Identify links to lesser pieces of content and content the webmasters informing them of your new and improved answer that would be valuable to their audience

– Identify sites where you can submit some more helpful content and link out to your linkable asset. This will typically get you a bio link and an editorial link in the copy of the article, so it is win-win.

– Keep an eye on digital PR streams like HARO and identify opportunities to help journalists with articles. In many cases, you will be able to respond to a request for help and enrich that feedback with a link to your killer content piece.

So, when it comes to tips for link building, mine always starts with content and that makes building those links far easier.

The best strategy for link building is creating unique, valuable content that people want to link to.

Whether that is research reports, infographics, or even excellent content, you’ll find you can obtain the most backlinks if you continue to refine your content creation strategy.

Scope out the backlinks of your competitors or businesses in the same industry.

Often this will uncover opportunities for backlinks you were not aware existed. I’ve found that this is the best and quickest way to find backlink low hanging fruit.

Search for broken links relevant to your audience or industry.

Start with your own backlinks and make sure you do not have sites pointing to old pages. Fixing those would be the easiest to resolve. Then, try to find broken links on other relevant sites.

Send a simple note to the site owner with the details on the broken link and suggested links (from your website of course) that could easily replace them.

Search online and social media for ‘ Your Keywords + Guest Post.’

This will help you identify any websites with guest posts opportunities. When I send a request for a guest post article, I typically create an abstract of a guest post that is relevant to their website so that they have details on the type of content that I would be providing.

Some ways to build quality backlinks

Build Your Network

Create relationships with people from the the industry, service providers, affiliates, etc. Think about friends who own related businesses that may want to link your content.

Create and Promote Infographics

People love infographics. Create one that may be used and shared by different businesses in your industry is a great link building idea. Here are some ideas for the infographics: process description, timeline, definitions, etc.

Competitors’ Broken Links

SEO consultants should always stay on top of their competitors. Their mistake is your gain. There are different tools that help you to look for broken links. Once you find one, reach out to the site administrator and replace it with a link to your site and relevant content.

HARO, Better Than a White Hat Link Building Service

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is an excellent tool that helps to get relevant links. Look for reporters that need help within your industry and reach out to them.

Pinterest + Youtube + Video

Using Pinterest and YouTube to post images and video related to your business allows you to create your own backlinks, control the quality of your content and simultaneously reap SEO rewards.

Pinterest is the second largest referrer of traffic to websites, which means that only Facebook refers more site visits. In 2015, Google created an artificial intelligence platform called RankBrain, which is very accurate at recognizing images. On Pinterest, when you link an image back to your website, it counts as a backlink, and that link can be measured in Google’s search console. Furthermore, every time the image is re-pinned (shared), the link duplicates. This means a picture that is relevant to your business can create hundreds of backlinks, which is huge for SEO and rankings.


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