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16 Intelligent link building tactics you should apply

I think it’s fair to say that many SEO practitioners would agree that it’s one of the most difficult components because the days of easily building hundreds or thousands of effective links are long behind us.

Earning high-quality links from trustworthy and authoritative websites — the kind of links that are necessary to improve organic ranking — requires a disciplined and creative approach.

You need to step outside of what everyone else is doing so that you can earn links that they don’t have, giving you a unique advantage in your organic search campaign.

By analysing thousands of web pages every month looking for opportunities, we found all kinds of link building strategies being implemented by companies. The best link building focuses on getting your brand in front of people, influencers and websites that are relevant to your business – when you’re doing this, the SEO benefit is almost secondary, but it’s substantial!

Link building plays a vital role in achieving the good search engine rankings. Gone are the days when buying hundreds of links through spam methods would give better rank in the search results.

But, now in the present world of SEO, quality matters a lot over quantity. Thus, you have to follow some superior link building techniques to stay authoritative in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

To help you earn plenty of valuable links that most of your competitors are too lazy to go after, I’ve outlined 16 tactics you can use to supercharge your link building efforts.

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1. Create quality content continuously

In the late 1990s, while still serving in the Marine Corps, we had to jump into below-freezing water during Arctic warfare training.

You knew it would be intense, but until you plunged in, completely enveloped by the frigid water, you couldn’t possibly imagine the full intensity.

Your feet broke the surface, and in an instant, you were completely submerged in a brutal cold unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

You stopped breathing, all of your muscles locked up, and your mind went completely blank.

So what does that have to do with link building?

Absolutely nothing, but it was a compelling story that got you engaged.

If you want to earn quality inbound links, you need your visitors to be engaged and stick around long enough so they can see the value of your content.

If they check out after a few sentences, you have almost no chance of earning a link.

2. Publish a ‘Best of’ or ‘Top’ Type of Post

Listicles tend to perform very well, to begin with, but when you feature the best of a particular topic, the results, in terms of inbound links, can be staggering.

Compiling a list of the top 10, 20, 100, etc., of a particular person, place, or thing is a great way to create valuable content that other people are likely to link to – especially when you consider that in many cases, the people responsible for marketing the people, places, or things in your list are likely already blogging regularly and will be more than eager to link to your post.

3. Publish roundup posts

Gathering the experts’ opinions on various tools and services they use is a legitimate move towards SEO link building. Choose some influencers in your niche and prepare a common question to get the answer from them. Organize a short, personal outreach email to everyone and tell that you’ll link their site in the post.

There is no doubt that they will reveal some reliable services or tools, and thus you may link those applications as well. Finally, publish the post and mention those experts while promoting it on social networks.

4. Publish the Ultimate Resource List for Your Industry

I want to be clear that when I say “the ultimate resource list,” I don’t just mean another bland post covering the same 10-20 resources that everyone has already blogged to death.

I’m talking about an all-encompassing list of everything anyone in your industry might ever need, complete with comprehensive descriptions for each item, and where applicable, images.

By the time you click publish on this mammoth list, it should be beautifully formatted, broken down categorically, and contain a table of contents with jump links.

Some of the resources specific to your industry that you might want to include are:

  • Licencing, governing, and regulatory bodies
  • Top publications
  • Software
  • Data sources
  • Laws pertaining to your industry
  • Schools / educational resources
  • Top podcasts
  • Politicians/legislators involved in your industry
  • Top YouTube channels
  • Industry leaders
  • Employment/staffing firms specializing in your industry
  • Industry associations and trade groups
  • Tools
  • Industry events
  • Facebook/LinkedIn groups
  • Top Books

For most industries, this type of list could easily be a 5,000+ word post, and since it’s more than just a list of links because you’ve invested the time and effort to write comprehensive descriptions for each item, most people will simply link to it rather than trying to create their own.

The beauty of this tactic is that since the majority of websites today run on WordPress, you won’t even have to do much outreach because most websites included on your list will be notified that you’ve linked to them.

It still wouldn’t hurt to reach out and ask them to throw a link to your resource list though.

5. Write testimonials

If you love trying out tools and applications, you may testify the high-authority branded products and services and provide the testimonials where you could get the link back to your site.

However, don’t give testimonials solely for the sake of link building. As the prospective customers can view your testimonial and see who you are, it would be good to give your honest viewpoint on how that application helped you.

Besides, you may look at the other users featured on the testimonial page to analyze their backlinks.

6. Create infographics

Infographics are the secret to super SEO link building.

Creating and publishing the nice-looking infographics is not only the great link-bait method but also a best marketing tactic that would increase your brand awareness. Visual content will grab eyeballs and has the potential to go viral as well.

So, if you come across a fascinating information but feel that it wouldn’t be good to craft as text content, you may create attractive infographics and get people to link to it.

7. Build Interactive Data

Interactive data is becoming the new infographic because it’s eye-catching, engaging, and informative.

It’s incredibly powerful for link building because it can be an effective tool in helping other bloggers support their position on a topic.

When executed effectively, along with proper outreach, it has the potential to earn a tremendous number of high-quality links.

The key is to come up with a great idea and execute it creatively.

Fortunately, this type of content is cost-effective, and from a technical perspective, relatively easy to produce.

8. Repurpose old content

Content repurposing has the tendency to accelerate your SEO link building strategy. Yes, if you’re converting your content from one form into another without diminishing its quality so as to reach more people, it would turn into an effectual way of building links for your site.

Google and other search engines will not penalize you for publishing the same presentation on different websites. If you have a well-written content that missed an opportunity to go viral, you may convert it into infographics, SlideShare presentations, PDFs, podcasts or videos. Some of the multimedia sites allow a do-follow link in the description, and you may take advantage of that.

Adding new content to the old one would also be a clever idea where you could link some helpful resources to enhance the link building approach.

9. Write About Complementary Products/Services

It can be difficult to earn high-quality links because many of the most relevant linking opportunities seem to be your competitors, and they probably aren’t eager to link to your website.

Many link builders miss out on a tremendous untapped opportunity because they’re so busy seeking links from websites that offer exactly what they do, that never bother seeking links from websites that offer products/services that are complementary to theirs.

That’s a huge mistake because it’s usually a lot easier to earn links from these websites.

The key is to focus on products/services that play an integral role in the use of your products/services. =

For example, an electrical contractor might write content about:

  • Alternative energy products
  • OLED lighting
  • EV charging stations
  • Home automation products
  • PV roofing shingles

Creating this content is only half of the equation, however, because, in order to earn links from it, you’ll need the people behind the product/services it’s about to know it exists.

Outreach plays a critical role in this tactic, but ideally, this should take place before you create the content because you’ll want to make sure it’s something these people will be interested in linking to. (Since it’s promoting them, they usually will, but it helps to ask first.)

link building tactics 2

10. Guest blog

Guest blogging is a genuine SEO link building method, but you have to be very careful with it. If you contribute a low-quality duplicate guest post, then Google would penalize you under spammy link building technique.

Seek out high-quality blogs or websites that have good traffic and engagement to perform guest blogging. Don’t use keyword rich anchor text to link to your site in the author bio.

11. Broken link building

Broken link building is the white hat technique that can improve your search engine rankings. Just do a favor to the webmaster or blogger (related to your niche) by letting them know that they have broken links on their pages and posts.

Use the tools like CognitiveSEO, SEO tool that report backlinks or CheckMyLink, Chrome extension to discover the broken links of the authority websites associated with your niche. If you find any broken link, email to that webmaster about the bust link and suggest your own resource to replace it.

12. Increase your internal linking

Internal link building is the top SEO approach that would increase your site usability to the readers by offering the most relevant content for them to read. Moreover, adding relevant internal links to the post from several posts/pages would inform the search engines that you already have correlated content that in turn increase the credibility of your site.

Link building with internal links will pass the link juice to your own blog and thus it is a very good SEO practice. But don’t overdo it. It would be good to link six or seven posts or pages to your every post of you site.

13. Utilize social media links

Social media is the great place to build natural backlinks for your site. So:

  • Connect your site to social media through the social profile link.
  • Build your networks on the popular social networks; you will get more people to share your content.
  • Stay active to intimate the new piece of content of your site and get more social cues for it.

14. Participate on Q&A websites

Q&A websites help us to build links in an elegant way and do better SEO as well. Just pay attention to the discussing questions related to your niche on the sites like Yahoo Answers & Quora.

Try to write a detailed post on them and compose a summary to post on the Q&A site. It is not only an authentic SEO link building technique but will also give a steady stream of traffic to your site.

15. Analyze your competitors’ well-built backlinks

Search for the important keywords of your site and find your competitors. You can narrow your search through “Related: keyword” to identify your future rivals. Then:

  • Use BuzzSumo to see their most shared pages across social media
  • If they have strong link profiles with high-quality links, you may try the same tactics.
  • Use the tool Majestic Site Explorer to identify their well-built backlinks.

16. Reach out to bloggers and linkers

The blogger/linker outreach strategy is an on-going process of building backlinks to your site. You should have more patience to employ this link building method as you will need to reach and build a relationship with the influential bloggers in a systematic manner.

First, list some famous bloggers/internet marketers in your niche. Follow them on social media, spread their content on your network, and engage in their discussion. Often link their beneficial content to your site and send notification about the same. Whenever you craft the comprehensive materials, just email them to link your worthy stuff. If they like your efforts, they never hesitate to link your content


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