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Top popular url shortener websites to make money

URL Shortener is a site or service which lets you shorten any long URLs from any website on the Web. In other words, they provide you the short URL of any long URL and whenever someone opens that shorten URL they will go through a few sec ads (generally 5 sec) before redirecting to the original URL. For every click on your Links, you will get money. That means whenever someone opens your shorten links, some money will be added to your account.

How Much Can You Earn from URL Shortening Sites?

Every URL shortener sites or company pays different CPM rates. However, CPM rate depends on the country from where people are opening your shortened links. So, the $ CPM rates (paying rate) is different for the different URL shortener companies website and also different countries.

Basically, any good URL shortener sites pay to their publisher in between 1$ to 10$ per 1000 views on the shortened URL. These companies also provide referral system, means if anyone joins with your referral link then you will also get extra money up to 20% commission of their earning.

Here I am going to guide you some well-known URL shorten websites which give you the opportunities to make money.

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1. Linkbucks


Linkbucks is another best and one of the most popular sites for shortening URLs and earning money. It boasts of high Google Page Rank as well as very high Alexa rankings. Linkbucks is paying $0.5 to $7 per 1000 views, and it depends on country to country.

The minimum payout is $10, and payment method is PayPal. It also provides the opportunity of referral earnings wherein you can earn 20% commission for a lifetime. Linkbucks runs advertising programs as well.

The Feature of Linkbuck: It is easy to use, only add your link to the site, share with your friends and earn money. You can also make some extra money to refer a friend to make an account on Linkbuck and Linkbucks will pay you 10% of their income. In addition, you will also get 5% of the income of members who become your referral! Lastly, you will also get 1% of each member sends, too. Minimum withdrawal amount is $ 10.00. If you are a blogger and want to track your links via Google Analytics then Linkbuck has a feature to add your analytics during sign up process. Linkbuck can pay you via Payoneer and Paypal only.

2. Ally


Ally is one of the best and trusted URL shortener site.It pays high CPM rate.You can earn $13 for 1000 views.You can withdraw your amount when it reaches $1.You can earn 20% commission through referral sources.

  • The payout for 1000 views-$13.30
  • Minimum payout-$1
  • Referral commission-20%
  • Payment methods-PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, and Skrill
  • Payment time-daily

3. Urlcash.net


Urlcash.net makes it really easy for you to earn money online by shortening URLs. It runs on the simple philosophy of – make it, post it, and earn it. Sign up is free. Urlcash offers daily payout and payment is made via PayPal, WebMoney, and Wire Transfer.

You can make money by posting links on your blogs, forums, websites, and social media websites. You get many features in Urlcash.

4. Getsurl


Getsurl is one of the best and high paying URL shortener website.If you are not getting high CPM rate from other websites then you should open an account on this website.It offers good CPM rate for all countries.You can earn $11 for 1000 views.

You can withdraw your amount when it reaches $5.Referral commission is about 10%.You can withdraw your amount from lots of sources.

  • The payout for 1000 views-$11
  • Minimum payout amount-$5
  • Referral commission-10%
  • Payment methods-Paypal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Vodafone cash etc
  • Payment time-net 25

5. Fas.li


Although Fas.li is relatively new URL Shortener Service, it has made its name and is regarded as one of the most trusted URL Shortener Company. It provides a wonderful opportunity for earning money online without spending even a single $. You can expect to earn up to $15 per 1000 views through Fas.li.

You can start by registering a free account on Fas.li, shrink your important URLs, and share it with your fans and friends in blogs, forums, social media, etc. The minimum payout is $5, and the payment is made through PayPal or Payza on 1st or 15th of each month.

Fas.li also run a referral program wherein you can earn a flat commission of 20% by referring for a lifetime. Moreover, Fas.li is not banned in anywhere so you can earn from those places where other URL Shortening Services are banned.

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6. Cut-win


Cut-win is a new URL shortener website.It is paying at the time and you can trust it.You just have to sign up for an account and then you can shorten your URL and put that URL anywhere.You can paste it into your site, blog or even social media networking sites.It pays high CPM rate.

You can earn $10 for 1000 views.You can earn 22% commission through the referral system.The most important thing is that you can withdraw your amount when it reaches $1.

  • The payout for 1000 views-$10
  • Minimum payout-$1
  • Referral commission-22%
  • Payment methods-PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin, Skrill, Western Union and Moneygram etc.
  • Payment time-daily

7. Short.am


Short.am provides a big opportunity for earning money by shortening links. It is a rapidly growing URL Shortening Service. You simply need to sign up and start shrinking links. You can share the shortened links across the web, on your webpage, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Short.am provides detailed statistics and easy-to-use API.

It even provides add-ons and plugins so that you can monetize your WordPress site. The minimum payout is $5 before you will be paid. It pays users via PayPal or Payoneer. It has the best market payout rates, offering unparalleled revenue. Short.am also run a referral program wherein you can earn 20% extra commission for life.

8. Tmearn


It is also of the best and high paying URL shortener site.It uses CPM and CPC as payment model.tmearn is a good alternative for shorte.st.It pays $8 for 1000 views.It offers 20% commission as the referral system.

One more good thing about tmearn is its payout rate which is very low.You can earn $3.You can withdraw your money by using PayPal, Payeer, and Payza.

  • The payout for 1000 views-$8
  • Minimum payout-$3
  • Referral commission-20%
  • Payment methods-Paypal, Payza, and Payeer
  • Payment time.daily

9. Bc.vc


Bc.vc is another great URL Shortener Site. It provides you an opportunity to earn $4 to $10 per 1000 visits on your Shortened URL. The minimum withdrawal is $10, and the payment method used PayPal or Payoneer.

Modern URL shortener service and free. Pay you more than $ 4 for every 1000 visitors that you carry through your link. By referring others you will earn a commission of 20% of earnings. Payments from bc.vc – made through PayPal on the first Monday of each month. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is USD $ 5.00.

Payments are made automatically on every seven days for earnings higher than $10.00. It also runs a referral system wherein the rate of referral earning is 10%

10. Oke.io


Oke.io is a new legit and very important company from our 30 highest paying URL shortener websites.You can earn money by shorting your long URL.You can earn $7 for every 1000 views.It is also the best site for those who are earning very low CPM rate from other shortener websites.One more interesting thing is that it counts 3x views from same visitors.

So it can help the publisher to earn more money from same visitors.You can earn 20% referral commission.Withdraw options are PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, and Payza.You can withdraw your amount when it reaches $5.

  • The payout for 1000 views-$7
  • Minimum payout-$5
  • Referral commission-20%
  • Payout options-PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin and Skrill
  • Payment time-daily


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