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Is SEO dead or still alive strongly?

Sure, SEO has a tech factor involved, and there are certain technical boxes that need to be ticked, but ultimately it’s about optimising content. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. Optimising the factors that influence search engines, that could be technical (site build, meta data, url structure etc), content (titles, effective word use, formatting etc), strategy. . . oh wait. Here’s where it gets interesting.

Strategy is the key to SEO. Knowing and implementing all the factors available to optimise a users experience as best possible. That’s SEO. And social isn’t killing it, it’s enhancing it. It’s just one more tool in an SEO’s ‘arsenal of awesome’ to optimise a web experience and make it rank better.

SEO dead or still alive

Organic SEO or Natural SEO is alive and well – always has been and in my opinion always will be an effective and important tool for web masters. In simplistic terms Organic SEO comes about from researching the key phrases your website readers will use to search for your product or service.  Those phrases must then be placed within your web copy in such a manner as to attract not only the search bots but also your website reader…compelling them to take a specific action. Remarkable web content is still king.

Organic SEO also involves your website structure and navigation scheme by developing your website so as to assist the requirements of the search engines. In other words the back-end of your website, the part you do not see, must be coded to be effectively read by search engines such as Google or Bing.

If you build or have built a website without these elements (and yes there are many web designers that pay only lip service, if any to these critical elements of a website) you will find your website buried about 50 to 100 pages back on Google.

Why Future of SEO is alive forever:

  • Search Engine Optimization is becoming more and more complicated with each passing day. There used to be just one or two ranking factors (having back links in bulk with the right anchor text was enough to get you on top in most cases), but now there are hundreds of ranking factors. And you need dedicated experts and professionals to look after your website, from both on-site and off-site perspectives, which mean that the companies will have to train or take experienced SEO professionals on board.
  • Internet has only recently started to get the attention of real world businesses. There are hundreds and thousands of businesses that will be looking to jump the bandwagon by launching a website in the coming days. It will result in more competition, and eventually, in more demand for SEO or Internet Marketing professionals.
  • Every day, hundreds and thousands of new websites are being launched. True that anybody can learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization, but most of these websites or business owners have other things to deal with, and they need someone to look after the SEO side, which is an integral part for the success of any online business.
  • To survive in the intense competition, businesses will have to invest more on online advertising, and they’d like to have some thorough professionals in charge of their hard-earned money instead of letting some amateur squander their money left, right, and center.
  • Big brands and organizations are also starting to take interest in Internet and Social Media. They know the benefits of having a skilled professional over a part-timer, which means they will be ready to invest on hiring SEO guys who are on top of their game.
  • SEO community is getting stronger and stronger with each passing day, and it is just starting to get the hang of things. Earlier, SEO was more about “trial and error approach” or following others’ footsteps, mainly because at that time we have webmasters or computer graduates working part time as SEO professionals. But with the passage of time, it is getting more and more scientific, and we are having more dedicated and specialized professionals.

SEO is not dead and it will never be dead. Though in future, shape of SEO will change. The way I see, Google never killed SEO, they just made it more competitive and challenging. How many of you believe that in SEO will be one of the major factor for a Website success in future along with other non SEO ranking factors?


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